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10 ways to start a zero waste lifestyle

08 March

Zero waste lifestyle. That phrase will leave you with a lot of questions, but the truth is that it is possible. Families, individuals, friends in colleges are doing it, and I will explain how. Waste removal is done in a daily but has you ever taken a second to figure out where all the trash goes? Probably not.

Cheap baths makeovers

03 March

It’s easy to dress up inexpensive plastic bath accessories to look like those from expensive specialty stores.


  • • Krylon Fusion for Plastic Metallic Shimmer
  • • Krylon Fusion for Plastic - Black
  • • Plastic wastepaper can
  • • Plastic tissue box cover
  • • Plastic or ceramic hand lotion dispenser

Spaces you forget to clean and how to clean them

28 February

If you’ve just put your tools down after a long day cleaning the kitchen, satisfied that you've scrubbed everything that can be scrubbed, polished all the polishable items and removed the germs from every nook and cranny, I'm here to tell you that you've failed – there is always somewhere that gets forgotten.