10 ways to start a zero waste lifestyle

28 February

Zero waste lifestyle. That phrase will leave you with a lot of questions, but the truth is that it is possible. Families, individuals, friends in colleges are doing it, and I will explain how. Waste removal is done in a daily but has you ever taken a second to figure out where all the trash goes? Probably not.

UK alone produce 200 million tonnes of waste every years. 50 % of the waste is recycled with the rest lying in landfills. In other countries, more so third world countries less effort is put to recycle waste products. Within the last three decades, such pollution has led to a myriad of environmental pollution with humans suffering from associated disease outbreaks. To break the pattern, there is need of a concrete solution with zero waste lifestyle been one of them. Below are 10way to achieve such an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Fix before replacing

Some products mainly electronic are subjects to malfunction. When that happen, try to fix it on your own or hire a professional. Buying something new will add more products which will occupy more space and if disposed of, takes hundreds of years before decomposing. Value our products as a family member; you don’t replace them when they wrong you.

Buy second hand clothes

New clothes need raw material and energy to make them into finished products. Second-hand clothes are durable, less expensive and most importantly will reduce the flow of new items into the market.

Therefore, if you are planning to host a wedding how about visiting the local wedding shop and getting a second-hand wedding dress and tuxedo for your bridegroom.

Get in touch with your local soft drink plastic recycling company

Make a call or visit them to enquire which kind of plastic they accept for recycling. Take all the plastic waste you have and when purchasing products ensure items are packed in plastic that recycle.

Waste Removal Company also do plastic recycle. To make their work easier be putting plastic waste products separate from other garbage.

Carry your own container to the grocery

Most of the local groceries will be glad if you have your container. Such practise will reduce the number of polyethene papers in your house. If you have more than enough back at home, ask them if you can give them for free to use with another customer.

Go digital

Bills come with papers and the same case with letters. With the current technology, it is easy to avoid all the papers getting online bills. Avoid letters where possible and use email instead.

Consume less meat

Animal products such as hide and bones if not reused take a long period to decompose. My taking more vegetables you discourage massive production of animal products.


Waste from vegetables can be used to make compost manure. After a while use the manure to fertile flowers in your garden or plant trees.


Swap disposable to reusable. Non-reusable baby diapers is one products that highly contributing to waste material accumulation. Use reusable baby diapers, cloth napkins and handkerchiefs. When shopping for drinks, buy those with refillable bottles and cans.


Accept books and leaflets that you only need. Otherwise, read and give back immediately.

Give out

If you no longer wear clothes dispose of them by giving to charity or better sell them on eBay.

The journey to zero waste starts with small changes. Implement the changes and advocate the same waste removal technique to your friends and family. Change to better and safer environment begins with you.